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Finally got my Raspberry Pi zero from Pimoroni. Was super happy it only took 2 days to be delivered :)
The question of course to follow was: what the hell to do with the thing, I really want to spare it from becoming another media player... so build status monitor it would be :)

The idea is to hook it up to a build service like hudson, jenkins go-cd etc... by connecting to a rest api when the build breaks this should trigger a light to flash, just enough to irritate us developers into fixing stuff pronto:)

So... to turn the light on hit the URL (obviously change the ip to reflect your pi's IP. To turn off hit the URL, easy peasy.

below is the code for the GOlang service, I used a library from works pretty well :)

the circuit is simple - the gpio 10 from the pi connects to the dc side of a solid state relay to turn on a 220v led (downlight) on the AC side. there's also a wifi adapter connected to the pi to make coms a little simpler

here's some images with the light on and then the light off

The Basic plan ... 

: here's the go code, also made use of some channel magic

package main



var buildStable bool = true
var alerting bool = false
var (
        // Use mcu pin 10, corresponds to physical pin 19 on the pi
        pin = rpio.Pin(10)

func main() {

  buildch := make(chan bool)
 // Open and map memory to access gpio, check for errors
        if err := rpio.Open(); err != nil {

        // Unmap gpio memory when done
        defer rpio.Close()

        // Set pin to output mode

   //lets just send a signal to show that the service is up
        time.Sleep(time.Second / 2)
        time.Sleep(time.Second / 2)
        time.Sleep(time.Second / 2)

 http.HandleFunc("/alertBuildUnstable", func(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {
  handleBuildError(w, buildch)

  http.HandleFunc("/alertBuildStable", func(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {
  handleBuildStable(w, buildch)

 log.Fatal(http.ListenAndServe(":8083", nil))

func handleBuildError(w http.ResponseWriter, buildch chan bool) {

  mapResponse, _ := json.Marshal("unstable")

  fmt.Fprintf(w, "%q", string(mapResponse))

  buildStable = false
 if alerting == false {
  alerting = true
  go toggleBuildAlert(buildch)


func toggleBuildAlert(buildch chan bool){  
 var buildStable bool = false
 for buildStable  == false { 
  // use select for non blocking operation
      select {
      case buildStable =
   fmt.Println("build stable? : ", buildStable)
   fmt.Println("build unstable!")

func handleBuildStable(w http.ResponseWriter, buildch chan bool) {

  mapResponse, _ := json.Marshal("stable")
 fmt.Fprintf(w, "%q", string(mapResponse))
 if buildStable == false {
  buildStable = true
  alerting = false
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