Somewhere something went horribly wrong !!!

Somewhere something went horribly wrong, society has allowed itself to become enslaved by money and material things that do nothing more than fuel envy and greed. Imagine a society where everything is free, want a Ferrari? well then go to the store and get one. What would the ultimate result be of making everything from cars to education free, well I believe at first there would be an insane rush and a fair amount of chaos but then what ? its difficult to imagine how society would function without a monetary system, difficult but not impossible, although a complete shift in thought would be required ... thats the tough part. But the result would remove the need to fight everyday of one’s life to payoff mortgages, cars, insurance or medical aid, people would be free to use that time more constructively to pursue more meaningful tasks.

Ultimately what we’d want is a society where people are free of debt and insecurity, a society where people wouldn’t direct their energies and time toward selfish goals of wealth and power. A new drive towards creativity, the elimination of scarcity, the protection of the environment, and most importantly ... concern for fellow human beings would arise.

Removing survival concerns, people would have time for individual interests such as continuing their education. Education, if available to everyone without a price tag, could become a never-ending process. “Where would the money come from to begin such a drive? “ many will ask, well that’s where things have gone horribly wrong. The fact that it’s so difficult for us to conceive of such ideas and the practical means of implementing them clearly illustrates our deep embedded need for the monetary system, a system that was so long ago pursued.

...but wait there may be some hope for us after all. I recently found out about a project started by an industrial designer, Jaques Fresco that aims to reform the way society has evolved. The project is called the venus project and has already sparked a great deal of interest. Check out some of Jaques designs for the future :)

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  1. I haven't read enough on the project to fully understand all it's aspect, but reading through their FAQ's I get the main idea. Reading it makes me somewhat uncomfortable, like when they say that "through time and education and the manufacturing of synthetic proteins we could do away with killing animals and fish... we can outgrow the need for eating animal protein... we could develop foods that taste and feel just like the ones they like eating...". The problem with this is that the idea "resource based economy" is that the earth's resources are to be shared among all humans and that there are more than enough of them for our survival. But in the same breath they are disregarding these resources, and replacing them with synthetics. And will there ever really be a substitute for the real thing? There will always be some people willing to pay for the real thing... which of course goes against the basis of their idea.

    It's all very complicated and I need to get back to work :)