The memory lives on ...

I came across this definition a few weeks ago:
Instinct the inherent inclination of a living organism toward a particular behavior.

And it lead me to a crazy theory that my mind was so willing to entertain. Could it be possible that our spirit or our essence may live on through the memories of those we leave behind. Think about it, if human instinct can be passed down through the generations would it not also be possible for memories to passed down as well ? I often tell those who have experienced the loss of a loved one that that person will live on as long as we choose to remember them. That being said, I thought that perhaps this idea may be extended further in saying that should we choose to remember those we lose perhaps later that embedded memory is somehow passed to our descendants, this “transfer” of memory may for all we know manifest itself into the soul or essence of its bearer, thus giving one or many of our descendants the inherited behavior of someone we have chosen to remember  … just a crazy though that I’d thought I’d share. The human spirit is an enduring entity although perhaps not in the sense that most may believe.
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