My super cute daughter, i'm pretty sure every parent thinks their children are the cutest. I think i'd probably still think she was the cutest even if she was born with horns or something crazy like that. Parenthood seems to have a brain washing/ mind altering effect on people. It starts of affecting the vocal cords, parents start saying nutting things that make absolutely no sense at all ... things like oohjeebooboo.
Next you brains ability to distinguish the significant from the mediocre completely disappears,  your child will make simple little gestures and you'll think they're the cutest most important thing ever and feel the immediate need to run for a camera to take a shot of the momentous occasion even if it's just you child holding a cup. Yes parenthood takes it's toll on the mind but can you blame us ? they really are supper cute ... i think ? but then again i can't really tell, it's a huge dilemma :)

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