What to do when you're on holiday ?

What to do when you're on holiday ... build a garage of course. Yup it's finally complete ... almost, still need to be painted :( but the tough part is done. I've already sacrificed three Christmas holidays to complete my house, that includes the structural part of the garage i.e. the bricks and foundation, this year, actually last year, 2010 was the start of the garage roof project. I wanted the garage roof to have the same look as the house's roof, which would make it look awesome but brought with it some additional costs as well as construction challenges, in particular the trusses were a pain in the ass.

The garage and the house are not joined together, which is part of my modular design grand master plan :) The ultimate plan being to join the "house" module and the "garage" module and add an additional module that will give me three more bedrooms, a bathroom and another lounge :)

The mess soon to become an awesome roof :)

Adding waterproofing before adding roof tiles. the small room in the corner of the garage will become a small bathroom. The cool ladder was made from spare trusses :)
 Roof trusses complete (on site) and the tiles are ready to be installed/put not sure which is the correct word :)

.. and voilĂ  the garage is complete ... except for paint. I had to park the cars just to make it official :) My next project is the garden which has taken a lot of abuse over the years :)

Oh and just because she's just so damn cute iv'e added this photo of my daughter Gabriella, the hammer was just for effect and no nails or planks of wood were seriously injured during the publishing of this post :) Happy New Year, may your year be filled with successful D.I.Y projects ! :)
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