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Decided to go into the heart of Johannesburg for coffee last week, when a kinda odd looking sky scraper caught my eye. Something about the structure although magnificent (at least i think so) didn't look normal ... not that its a bad thing :) So i decided to do a tiny bit of research on the structure. Was pleasantly surprised at what i found out :) Turns out, the construction of the building employed several unique and at the time (1968 ) ground breaking construction technologies.

This tower was built from the top down !! Meaning that after the central core was built, the floors were suspended from three cantilevered arms with the top floors added first, followed by each lower floor.
It is organized into three hanging volumes of nine office floors each.
The respective floors above with 5.40 m high cantilevers, house the air-conditioning plants, a cooling plant as well as the transformer station. The structure was built to a height of 139m.
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