Art meets Science

Being held prisoner in your own car while stuck in traffic is hardly anyone’s idea of having fun, especially if the radio isn't working :(

Fortunately concept car designers are hot on the trail of finding us a solution... Conceptually that is :)
The Audi Shark is a futuristic flying concept vehicle with a streamlined design inspired by motorcycles and airplanes. It was designed by Kazim Doku and won the Desire Competition by Domus Academy.

Unfortunately the technology required to make this work of art a reality isn’t a reality... or isn’t it?

This design is so awesome it got me thinking on how it could be possible to get this concept flying through the air. Most might imagine attaching a couple of jet engines but that just seems like we’d be going backwards, afterall why enter a new age of transportation standing on the wrong foot... if we’re gonna do it lets do right the first time ?

So here’s what i was thinking: Electrohydrodynamics !!!

Electrohyrodynamics is basically converting electrical energy to kinetic energy; this is done without requiring any moving parts. How you may ask, well an electric field ionizes the particles within a medium (air in our case) these ionized particles then travel/move towards an oppositely charged electrode to become neutral thus essentially causing air flow and therefore propulsion... just add electricity ?
Check out this video of electrohydrodynamics in action

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