Blissfully unaware

We live each day blissfully unaware of the evil that lies in the shadows, or is it our armour that shields us from the darkness waiting to consume us. Ah, Our precious armour forged by violence, and unjustified atrocities, news of which gradually fade from sight; yes it's our armour , our shield that protects us.
It gives us the strength to watch children starve on television and say "oh, that's terrible". Were it not for our armour we may have the audacity to intervene where justice, kindness and humanity have failed.
Our armour shields us well. It shields our eyes from poverty, hunger, abuse and injustice, it keeps our eyes fixed forward when beggars plead, it keeps our doors and curtains closed when our neighbors scream for help.

Wear your armour proudly, for it contains and suppresses the craziness of courage and the honor of bravery. Your armour will keep you safe ... for now, for it is only war when war is upon us, no sooner no later. Others will mend the evils of the world surely? The truth? The truth is a sword that cuts through the shields we put up to defend our version of reality. The truth will cleanse the battlefields of battles. The truth will open our eyes and show us that no level of fear, insecurity or poverty is acceptable. The truth fuels our courage, courage to stand up for those who cannot stand, fight for those who cannot fight, speak for those who cannot speak. Lay down your armour, open your eyes, see the world as it is and know the truth.

By Jose
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