The Need

Has thought that enough is never enough ever ran across your mind ? Well it often comes skipping along my mind every once in while. Confused ? Well I'm talking about that feeling you get after you've waited so long to get some "thing", And almost immediately after you got it or achieved it you still feel it just wasn't enough. the need hasn't been satisfied, the "need" returns as relentless as ever and the journey to satisfying the need begins all over again.

Now I hate to bring religion into the post (I am Catholic though) but I do remember a similar topic coming up in a church meeting a while ago (Alpha group ... or something like). One of the leaders of the group mentioned that people often feel lost and without purpose and will often feel within them an unsatisfiable need until they turn to Christ. Unsatisfiable need ... eureka !! finally I've found that which would quench my thirst ... or maybe not.

After thinking about it for some time I came to the conclusion that God, if you're religious or evolution if you're not, must have given us this need as a survival mechanism, in other words it's not meant to be fulfilled. As long as we feel the burning desire to satisfy ourselves with material, spiritual physical pleasures we will be in a position to better ourselves ... usually. Here is where self control comes into play, If we begin to over indulge the momentum of the need turns from a metaphorical kinetic energy (good kind) to a potential energy(not so good kind .. in  this case). In simpler terms what I mean is that if for example we try satisfy this need by turning to only one of the elements perhaps spiritual we risk stagnating and fooling ourselves into believing we no longer require anything else. I believe this is a dangerous position to be in, and I assume this is where you'll find the mind closes it's doors to reason and opens the doors to depression ... the need is suppressed and the reason for living disappears.

It's kinda late so I hope I'm still making sense :)

The "need" is needed, it is that which drives mankind to the moon and once we get there it screams to us and then pushes us towards mars and then the stars. It allows us to listen to our soul through meditation. It brings us pleasure when feel we have satisfied it and makes us smile when we realize we have not yet. The "need", it whispers to us when we dream and shouts when we are awake.

The "need" quite ironically it would seem, will set you free :)

... By Jose
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