Need to elaborate on the "The Need" :)

I was discussing one of my blog posts with my wife today (on valentines day), specifically the one titled "The Need", and after a while the discussion got a bit heated and we were on the brink of killing each other and possibly ruining valentines day :s She was trying to argue that I didn't know the difference between a "need" and a "want", of course I am aware of the difference but the point i was trying to get across was the following, but before I get to the point I just want you to know that peace was restored and valentines day was saved after I got this through to her :)

The Point:
Humans needs in terms of needs required to survive are pretty basic, we need food, shelter and water. These three elements will pretty much allow us to continue our existence ... here comes the point ... merely ensuring our existence is great if we just want to occupy a space on the planet. What allows us to transcend the point of merely existing are our ambitions and our "wants". These are the elements that open mankind's mind to discovery and adventure, our "wants" whether it be spiritual or material, fuel our ambitions, without them we degrade our species to the level of some kind of bottom feeder just trying to survive. For this reason I have labeled our "wants" and ambition as our "Needs" for these are the elements that make us human ... peace at last :)
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