Fear not war

Fear not war, but those who would see it rise again.

Is conflict ever necessary? Ideally we'd all like to think not, we want to believe that when the time comes we'll choose peace, resolution will be found without lifting the sword. Unfortunately it seems the beast in us sometimes feels the need to show itself. Without warning this patron of conflict pushes reason aside and takes the helm. Freedom from rational decision, an overdose of irrational thought consumes the mind and ultimately patrons of conflict we become...
This freedom has its price, once the fog of war settles and ammunition has been spent the beast returns to its lair, no longer interested in leading the fight. Reason takes the helm and is left with devastation ahead; a road not easily travelled but an essential journey never the less.
Once the journey has been made and peace seems certain, a time of reflection soon arrives ... was the beast a necessary evil? Would we have known peace without war?
Though we would not dare see war rise up from the ashes we believed it lay dead under, war like peace like the phoenix will rise again.

By Jose
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