Home automation

The idea of completely automating my house has been etched into my mind since I started building my house ... yes it's still a work in progress although most modules have been completed :)
After playing around with the arduino system the etched idea seems closer to reality. I've started with the basics, switching on a single 220v lamp, the "hello world" of embedded systems. Switching on the lamp with a microcontroller was just way too simple so I took it one step further and added a web server to the arduino so that the lamp could be controlled via a web page ... the world is now open with possibilities and the dream of automating EVERYTHING has become reality, well kind of, it's still a work in progress. Step one will be controlling all lights in the house, step two ... well that'll be a follow up post :) 

Check out my super awesome circuit for controlling a lamp via a web page demo ... As a test I got my cousin in Portugal (I'm in South Africa) to switch on the light, awesome stuff :) 

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