A post to prove a point

A post to prove a point ... mostly to me.

Finally decided to get right back into the better, wait,  best part of engineering ... experimentation :) And the experiment for today? The UDOO, the development platform that take the very popular Arduino platform and merges it with the potent quad core ARM Freescal Cortex-A9 cpu, that's if you ordered the quad core ... why wouldn't you??

My original mission was to load the android image but that didn't work out as I had hoped mainly because due to display issues. Second mission was to load the linux image which turned out to be the hassle free mission :) and to prove a point this post was posted from the UDOO whooohooo :) The final mission will be to create a zigbit dongle for a special project on the horizon. Once that mission is completed I'll post the how-to's for me mostly since I'll probably forget everything
in the expected 2 week time frame ... a curse :)

...check out the UDOO website for os images and other funky projects

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