Drawing thingy 1.0

Loving Ubuntu and the UDOO so far ... starting messing around with the UDOO about a week ago, initially I had installed the android image from the UDOO website but eventually decided to go with Ubuntu just because of how easy it was to develop android sketches. Today I decided to connect an arduino tft shield to the UDOO, the ITDB02 screen was made to fit thearduino mega as well as DUE, it has a very convinient 3V3 / 5V switch. Remeber to switch to 3V3 on the UDOO since it's basically an arduino due which is 3V3 based. 

Anyway here is the video of the quick project, I call it drawing thingy 1.0. The screen was meant to be used for something else but my daughter wanted to draw on the screen so that's what it ultimately became :) 

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