focussed energy :)

  Started writing a book about 4 months ago ... actually I've started writing two books ...
been spending a lot of time at home since Little Lia's birth, so every now and then i get the urge to write something so i thought i might as well focus that energy into creating something others might enjoy reading too :) here's a very small passage from the first :) ... A darkened room, hardly the place for holy men to gather, the room, the place a mere shadow of its former glory, the pope sits with a look of desperation on his face or is it anger, frustration perhaps? “It must be done! Gabriel you must go” he demanded. Denying the pope’s wishes was hardly something Gabriel was ever prepared to do but maybe this time he could sway his good friend’s will. In the depths of his heart Gabriel knew ... or rather he hoped this wouldn’t be possible, his good friend had somehow been altered since his election to the papacy, and the new responsibility had forged him somewhat.
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