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Found some photos taken about a year ago of what turned out to be by far my biggest and most ambitious D.I.Y project ...so far :) A while ago i decided to be brave and take up the challenge of building my own home, and with a great deal of pride i can say that the project is complete ... except for my garage which is almost done anyway and since its not attached to the house it doesn't count :)

The photos i found were of the roof trusses which were by far the most complicated part of the house although they took the shortest time to construct (about 2 days). Tip if you ever decide to build ... get a generator :)

These trusses are the one's above my kitchen and lunge area.


The team that made it all possible. This was the day we went to collect the roof tiles, I'm lucky enough to have a father in law who owns a few tippers so I didn't have to pay for transport ... every cent helps when you're building.

In the first photo on the left from left to right: Isaac, Moses, Me (Jose Pita), My cousin Roberto Pita, My Dad Manny Pita, My father in law Antonio Machial.

Always helps to be married to someone who is willing to hold up the walls while the cement dries :) My wife Sonia  :) And me with my trusty Honda Generator :)
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