And then it was gone ... oh well.

Two weeks ago i arrived home after a long day at work only to find that my front gate was slightly open !! alarm bells rang inside my head, in my head only cause i later found out that my alarm had been bypassed :( sneaky punks. I decided to drive in anyway; probably not the smartest thing to do but curiosity kinda got the better of me. I got to my front door and fond that it was still locked, a bit of hope began to light up inside me only to be extinguished after opening the door to find that my super awesome LCD TV was gone was about this time that the alarm bells in my head got infinitely louder and a bit of sense started to sink in. Suddenly got the feeling that the thieves may still be inside the house!! not uncommon in South Africa, it has happen to close friends of mine. I dashed out the house, got into my car and drove out while reaching for a knife that kinda never leaves my side (not sure what i was planning on doing with a knife .. ). So as i got outside i called the police who actually surprised me by getting there in less than an hour ;p It turned out that the thief had already left the house along with all our jewellery (which included wedding gifts), my TV and my precious PS3 controllers, sick bastards !! (they left the Playstation though ??).

So what did I learn from this experience just besides that jewellery is just a waste of money?? well for one i realised we're actually ok without a TV, I know it sounds nuts but its true, and as cheesy as it sounds the material things in life really don't mean a damn thing, what counts are experiences, people and strangely, finding out what matters :) ... also learnt how to scam insurance companies ... just kidding .. hmmm ??:)
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