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Tonight I had an interesting two hour chat with a priest about baptism. One of the points that came up was why do we baptise our children when they are babies, why not rather wait till they are old enough to decide whether or not they would like to follow the catholic faith. The priests response was along the lines of; If we should wait for a child to become old enough to decide if they want to baptised, why then don't we also wait for them to be old enough to decide if they want to follow our traditions ? or old enough to decide which language they want to speak ? or old enough to decide what primary school they want to  be enrolled at ? The truth is we simply impart our culture, our religion and way of life on our children. If we are to question why we don't give our children the choice of baptism we should also question everything else. It would be hypocritical of us to question one aspect but remain blind to others.

So my view is: I will give my daughter these priceless gifts: my culture, language, religion and to some extent my knowledge; and when she is old enough she alone will decide which of these gifts she will pass on to her children (assuming she'll want children ... another choice =) )  ... so I will give to her all that I have so she may choose all that she wants :)
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