Venus and the moon get up close and personal :)

The waxing crescent moon and the planet Venus are the first two celestial lights to appear after sunset this evening (11/09/2010 .. in case you're not in the mood to look at the date of this post). 

After the sun, the moon and Venus rank as the 2nd and 3rd brightest heavenly bodies, respectively. 

I got to see the two heavenly bodies getting up close and personal tonight, and it made me realize how rarely I take the opportunity to sit and stare at our heavenly neighbours :) I'm not quite sure what it is about seeing a second really bright object in the sky that is so fascinating, I just know i couldn't stop staring at it.. The picture above was taken from my wife's cell phone so it's not the greatest but it's pretty cool anyway ;) .. Some more images of Venus courtesy of NASA :) 
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