The moment

I was trying to think of something interesting to write about this picture I took of my little "princess"/"ninja in the making ... i hope" while she was sleeping, but I guess there's not much I can say besides how beautiful she looks .. to me at least. I have mentioned before on an earlier post how parents will find their offspring perfect no matter what and I have to say that still rings true :)
I guess some moments don't require adjectives, and you just have to live these moments without thinking too much about it, just soak up the seconds breath in the sunshine and listen to the silent whispers of thoughts as they sprint by. OK I know that doesn't make much sense but that's my point ... perfect moments don't need to make sense, you just have submerse yourself in them completely ... no matter how brief the moment may be. My princess kinda woke up about 2 minutes after taking the picture and then it was back to chasing her around the house making sure she didn't stick her fingers in any plug sockets ... ah the joys of parenting. Very therapeutic I think .. the moment thing that is :)
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