City Of Gold

On my way home yesterday I decided to take the more scenic route through the city of Johannesburg and avoid the freeway (not the only reason ;). The last time I decided to wonder around Johannesburg alone I got involved in a rather unfair debate as to whether or not my cell phone was indeed my own, the debate included myself and two rather unfriendly gentlemen wielding knives. I thankfully won the knife fight but the two gentlemen won my cell phone :)

For a Friday the city was surprisingly quiet, traffic was flowing smoothly and for a change all the traffic light were working :) I was pleasantly surprised to find how clean Jo’burg has become, could have something to do with the world cup lurking around the corner or maybe I just haven’t driven through the city in while.

During my tour of Jo’burg I realised something, South Africans are maybe just a tad bit too critical of our own country, not once while driving through the city did I feel uneasy or unsafe, it may have just been a false sense of security (over critical again ;)) or maybe just maybe Jo’burg is changing for the better. .. Finally :)

Here are some photos i took with my new phone :)

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