Lamborghini or Batmobile ?

The Lamborghini Ankonian, according designer Slavche Tanevsky this new Lamborghini beast was inspired by the Reventon model ... or was it actually inspired by a trip to the cinema to see Batman begin? Either way I love it. Concept car designers have been churning out awesome designs such as the Ankonian for many years; unfortunately the commercial sector has been rather slow or unable to catch up to their creativity. "Ankonian" according to the designer is the name given to a breed of black skinned bulls ... fitting i suppose :)

Should the Ankonian ever move from concept to reality, only twenty units will be produced at the astronomical price of $1.5 million each ... awesome :)

Just a reminder of the new Batmobile ...

If the Ankonian is a tad heavy on your budget you could always build the Batmobile for around $250,000 (exactly what it cost to make the car for the movie Batman Begins)
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