Gabriella Lia

Today the nameless one was named ... Gabriella Lia Pita. Seeing her for the first time was definitely one of the most amazing moments in my life. Thought I was gonna pass out seeing the doctors operate on my wife but somehow a serious case of curiosity... and two calming pills kept me vertical :) The whole procedure took about 25 minutes, and out from the depths of my wife's belly came the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen ... so far :) It must be a dad thing ... I'm pretty sure if she came out looking like a demon from another dimension I'd probably still think she was the most beautiful creature ever :)

Well before all the cuteness there was of course the nasty part of getting her out ... as i said before this part went really quick, Gabriella was out in about 20 minutes. And when she decided to show the world her face, the nine months of waiting seemed very worthwhile.. Must admit she was a little on the hairy side ... Portuguese trade mark right there :)

Couple of random photos ...
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