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With the eminent arrival of my still nameless daughter, my house has shrunken by exactly 1 room to many, so to compensate it was back to the drawing board. Ambition drove me to start the construction of a triple garage ... why triple? well my super awesome command centre has become a princess room so I needed a sneaky way to spend money on a new command center without rousing too much suspicion :) so basically I'll be left with a new command center and 2 garages.

So for all those willing to take up the challenge here is what you need to do to build your own garage ... well the foundations anyway :) haven't taken any photo's of the rest of the construction .. yet :)

Step 1
Dig out a couple of trenches. for each exterior and interior wall.
I decided to dig the trenches 500mm x 500mm. Just a tip when,
whatever you dig out of your trenches make sure
 you throw it into the center of you construction,
 this sand will be used as filling.

Step 2
After digging your trenches place reinforcing bars
inside of the trenches, use steel pegs to raise the rebar
above the ground.

Step 3
Pour concrete into the trenches.

Step 4
Take a Break! pouring concrete is tough!

Step 5
After Pouring concrete into the trenches a "box"
is built around the foundations.
The sand in the center of the box is compacted
and then a mesh made from rebar is placed on top
of the compacted sand. The rebar will allow the
concrete slab to flex.

Step 6
Pour the slab concrete
Step 7
Smooth out the concrete after pouring and voila!!
 your foundations are done  ... oh and don't
 forget to keep the slab moist ... just add water :)
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