When monsters come out to play ..

Recently came across the works of Russian Artist "Tebe Interesno" which roughly translated means "Are you interested" ... well I suppose I am :)

Now Tebe Interesno is obviously the artists street name .. so after digging around the web i found out his real name is or may be Dmitry Maximov ??? a mystery :)

Most of the artwork seems to be based on some reality with a touch of fantasy, and by fantasy usually it's some kind of creepy cartoon monster (maybe monster is a bit harsh because some of them are kinda cute). These "monsters" are often depicted in some way or another interacting; usually in some freaky fashion, with OUR reality. Weird as his work may be I really like it :) ... Below are few more of his awesomely weird works :)

Definitely enough to make someone (or at least me) opt for a parachute!!

 I like to think of this one as the monster helping out earth as opposed to flooding it :)

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